The Bighorn River

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23 inch BrownThe Bighorn River is by far my favorite river to fish in Montana. I have been fishing this river for 25 years and it never ceases to amaze me how resilient it is. Most years this river plays host to about 80,000 anglers. The river itself is constantly going through changes with the water flows and Dam management. But the river continues to thrive. The past two years were great years for Spawning Rainbows and Browns, although the size of the average fish has gone down an inch or two the fish population is way up. But don’t let this discourage you, there are still a ton of fish over 20 inches. If you are truly looking for that one big fish to make your trip. Throwing a big, and I mean BIG streamer is the best way to go. I typically use an 8 weight with a 300 grain, 24 ft. sink tip to chase the big fish. You can also do very well on big fish during hopper season or by using a San Juan Worm before the Rainbows start their spawn. The Rainbows love the worm and go crazy once they are stuck by it. There are some monsters in this river and if I can help you find them with my flies, It is truly my pleasure.

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