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Croff’s Nervous Neda White


Croff’s Croff’s Nervous Neda White has taken countless two foot and bigger trout. If you’re mousing and looking to get into the 2 foot club, you should probably have this in your box.


All flies on this website are tied with top quality hooks and materials. Most standard patterns are tied on Daiichi and Tiemco brand hooks. Saltwater patterns are tied on Daiichi, Tiemco and Gamakatsu hooks and our Big Musky patterns are tied on Predator hooks. Materials are sourced from Wapsi, Hareline, Cascade Crest, Flymen Fishing Company and other top brands. We stand behind all of these patterns because we know that if we have confidence, you’ll have confidence, and confidence is what it takes to catch the fish. So shop with confidence and fish with confidence and if you ever have any problems please let us know.


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